Our Silent Canvas Record Label and Production Company seeks Manager 

 About the job


Our Silent Canvas (OSC), non-profit production company and independent record label, seeks General Manager to oversee operations for projects. Our Silent Canvas was founded by composer Christopher Bono as a way to present and release his own works, as well as the collaborative works of friends and colleagues. Though traditionally involved and rooted in experimental, avant-garde and contemporary classical music, OSC is now more focused in the productions and performances of: Ghost Against Ghost, improvisational group NOUS, and Christopher’s other experimental, electronic side projects and collaborations.


OSC is located in Woodstock, NY and the applicant must relocate to the Hudson Valley, NY area.


Job Duties:


      Organize and Manage daily duties and goals to keep productions on schedule and to oversee budgets and income streams to ensure continual company growth.

      Work to get releases out on larger labels and to secure better distribution.

      Manage and soliciting continual licensing and sync opportunities with music supervisors and publishing companies.

      Manage and collaborate with service providers (PR, Record Distributors, Retailers, Design Firms) for final approvals, updates, and to ensure campaign deadlines are met.

      Develop and execute strategic marketing initiatives tailored to campaigns for releases, promotions, events, and artist street teams.

      Develop and create press releases/kits, update website content, and creative branding of social media content.

      Market and Manage social media in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

      Conduct market research to identify target markets, demographics, and competitive analysis. Responsible for managing the distribution of the labels catalogue.

      Coordinate and create promotional content to increase label identity and build awareness in the Music & Entertainment industry. 

      Facilitate weekly/monthly progress and performance meetings to discuss objectives, goals, and sales.

      Manage all promotional efforts including brand identity, image, representation, and securing of venues.

      Negotiate digital and print licensing, film and video synchronization licensing and related agreements. Create income streams!

      Willingness and ability to develop client relations resulting in diverse networks, strategic partner alliances, and facilitate multi-territorial negotiations.

      Identify new growth opportunities.

      Create marketing strategies and plans to promote artists’ image and identity.


Required Competencies/Skills:

      Masters Degree or Undergraduate degree in MUSIC Business and/OR 4 years with direct experience in the music business industry, preferably at the managerial level.

      Must move to Woodstock or Kingston NY.

      Must have driving desire and passion for music business and performance

      Knowledge and experience required in areas such as music licensing, artist development and management, content creation, project management, and branding.

      Must be well versed, natural and creative in social media marketing with awareness of interest in experimental music, electronic and dance music, post-rock, contemporary classical/avant-garde and live performance.

      Demonstrates EXCELLENT verbal, written, negotiation and interpersonal communication skills.

      Ability to effectively interact with a wide range of personalities and styles.

      Strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

      Fast paced work environment requires strong multitasking skills, excellent time management, and a high attention to details.

      Ability to work comfortably both independently and in a team environment


Special Requirements/Preferences:    

      Proficient in current aesthetic trends in Art and Music

      Background in Music Business, and deep interest in a career in the field

      A love of music and an understanding of experimental and electronic music


Education Required:

      Masters Degree or Undergraduate in Music Business only and/OR 4 years with direct experience in the music business industry, preferably at the managerial level.

       3-5 years’ of previous experience preferred but not required if applicant can show competence in quick learning.

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Compensation: TBD


To apply, please send CV to oursilentcanvas@gmail.com



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