Christopher Bono’s introspective album Invocations was released in fall 2012. It was his first public release in seven years and his first-ever classical album. The focus of the album is Invocations, an emotional three- movement work that builds from string trio to chamber ensemble (string quartet, bass, harp, winds, percussion, and African field recordings). The album also includes The Missing for string quartet, written in 2010 for the European American Musical Alliance and premiered in Paris that year. In late 2013, Christopher Bono released recordings of two choral works entitled Unity and The Unexcelled Mantra performed by Harold Rosenbaum’s New York Virtuoso Singers. Alto Riot called these pieces “contemplative works that seep into your soul and a longing search to one’s true self.” An accompanying video for The Unexcelled Mantra was released in November 2013 by film artist Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir (Sigur Rós), and in early spring 2014 another video was released by To- bias Stretch (Radiohead, Deftones) featuring animated puppetry created by the film artist. The “Unity” film has won several awards, including Best Music Video at the acclaimed Ottawa International Animation Festiovised music.

Christopher released the epic, ambient-orchestral BARDO in the summer of 2014. The 60-minute, full-album work is a surreal musical drama narrating the journey of “The Fool” (a character derived from the ancient Tarot system), which illustrates the character’s cycle from despair and darkness, through the afterlife, transcendence, and finally rebirth.

BARDO was originally a site-specific work commissioned by Sympho Concerts and premiered to a capacity crowd at the iconic Ann Hamilton Tower in Geyserville, CA in June 2012. Performers and audience members were immersed in the sonic experience by being positioned along the length of the entire structure on double-helix interior staircases. This vertical plane was taken into consideration throughout the compositional process and was later translated onto a horizontal level for the larg- er orchestral recording. The work has a vivid and exciting future as a modern dance multimedia production currently being scheduled in Florida and New York. (

In the late 2015 Our Silent Canvas will release the first album from NOUS, an Experimental Music Project founded by Bono- exploring ritual and spontaneity within music. After spending two years working onBARDO, Bono was driven to experience

and investigate completely new approaches to musical creation. This impulse resulted in the design of theNOUS project. The recording sessions were produced by Bono and Kevin McMahon (Swans, Titus Andronicus, Real Estate) in January 2014 at Dreamland Recording Studio in Woodstock, NY and feature what The New York Times called, “a wise, postcategory, electric and acoustic 12-person crew.”

Currently Bono is focused on several productions and upcoming tours for Ghost Against Ghost (GAG),  the post-everything electronic-rock concept and moniker of Christopher. Inspired by conceptual, progressive, post and psychedelic rock; art-rock; ambient, experimental, classical music (contemporary and common-practice); the anarchic concepts of late Leo Tolstoy; dystopian epics; and neo-romanticism, Bono foundedGhost Against Ghost in 2008 after he began work on an as yet unfinished two-hour concept album that he envisioned in a dream one night in Brooklyn.

In April 2015, Ghost Against Ghost released the sprawling psychedelic epic, “Checkpoint Charlie“. The first full length Ghost Against Ghost album,  Still Love will be released in the fall of 2015 and the second double length album, Oiawill follow soon after. Look out for the upcoming tour of Ghost Against Ghost, which will feature several live musicians alongside Bono on vocals, guitars, keyboards and electronics.

A kind of outsider 21st century neo-Richard Strauss with more than a dash of Scriabin at his maddest.”- Buffalo News

“Bono, a rising name in the 21st Century Contemporary Composition scene, has quickly been garnering accolades with his refusal to bend toward traditional music-creation conformity and a strong knack for creating vivid imagery through his pure yet distinctly zestful works.” – Alto Riot!

“Vivid sonorities that linger in the memory.” – All Music Guide

This is an artist just totally hitting his stride.” – Second Inversion On BARDO:

“If any of these descriptions or Bono’s titles suggest that BARDO is a new age musical composition, don’t be misled. BARDO IS AS SAVAGE AND UNRELENTING a piece of music as one could hope to hear, so that when Bono takes the intensity down a notch to resolve BARDO with a lovely, gentle melody, like the journey from life to death, it’s some- thing that’s been earned.” – Restless and Real


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