"New Stop-Motion Film "Unity" Is The Work Of A Potential Animation Legend." 

"Constructed from over ten thousand individual photographs, Tobias Stretch's animation aligns beautifully with the power of Christopher Bono's choral work, "Unity" 


"Rarely do we give “Video of the Year” accolades so early, but unless Godzilla starts playing the violin – we’re pretty sure the Toby Stretch-directed and animated video for Christopher Bono’s “Unity” is it. " 

“Bono, a rising name in the 21st Century Contemporary Composition scene, has quickly been garner- ing accolades with his refusal to bend toward traditional music-creation conformity and a strong knack for creating vivid imagery through his pure, yet distinctly zestful works.” 

"Christopher Bono's spectacularly haunting unity & The unexcelled mantra EP (which even as an ep bests out many full length choral recordings in the last five years),..."~Alto Riot , Runner-up: Best of 2013

"Paired with the music of composer Christopher Bono, the end result is a beautiful, cinematic and somewhat trippy film that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before."

"'Masterpiece' is a big, important word. But sometimes you just have to say it."

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