“There is nothing in Bono’s biography that prepares the listener for the full throttle, dynamic intensity of the music he writes, conducts and performs.” 

"If any of these descriptions or Bono’s titles suggest that ‘Bardo’ is a new age musical composition, don’t be misled. ‘Bardo’ IS AS SAVAGE AND UNRELENTING a piece of music as one could hope to hear, so that when Bono takes the intensity down a notch to resolve ‘Bardo’ with a lovely, gentle melody, like the journey from life to death, it’s something that’s been earned."  

                                       ~ Douglas Helsgrave  


"This is an artist just totally hitting his stride." 

"Before entering Bardo IV, we are treated to “Endless Doors to Endless Wombs,” which is this reviewer’s favorite of all the preludes.  The beautiful, meditative piece lasts for a blissful seven minutes and, if you close your eyes and turn up the volume, it might feel like you’re floating." 

                                 ~ Rachele Hales

"i can’t wait to see the classical purists’ heads explode...Bardo is a huge soundtrack of sadness and Tibetan mysticism, and sometimes dramatic: “The End of the Oligarchs” thrashes and looms like Bernard Herrmann’s score accompanying the giant-lizard scenes of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Found sounds abound, such as the waves washing up on a beach in “The Dawning Space of Azure Light.” Bardo is complex, yet an accessible place for the classical curious to start an exploration of contemporary composition."

              ~ Jeff SPevak